Catch Me If You Can feat. Ailee from The Effect by Decipher

Catch Me If You Can feat. Ailee from The Effect by Decipher

The night is looking young, it’s gonna need I.D.
I heard death is looking for me, check in the V.I.P.
I be by these bad bitches, I don’t even give a fuck
they want to get liquor’d up, pop pop a bottle and give it to them
the shit I’m on I swear you never seen it done before
I’m from below but up up up we go with that bungee flow
hey Johnnyphlo, “Yo”, I don’t think they fucking with us
bitches are dying trying to be fucking with us, Bucket List us
hey Ailee, “Hey baby”, these hoes got to know it’s over
They want to be you so bad they trying to ride a Rollercoaster
but they so Coca Cola, we so Dom Perignon
Knocking them out like Larry Holmes, making these hits, I’m Barry Bonds
I’m barely home, catch me if you can and shit
maybe I am too fly, I might need a landing strip
the plan is this, live fast and die premature
but before I leave da earth I’ll be the first to make it out alive

I’ll never make it out alive
I been living like I’m dying
And I know I got to go, I’m never coming back
I don’t want to see you crying

You got to catch me if you can x4

Now what I’mma do with all these bottles that my boys bust
Muzo make the Illuminati want to join us
secret society, fuck that, we make it known
we take your bitch out, get mouth, you take her home
you laying low, I’m standing high
you fantasize, I plan to rise
actions speak louder than words, word, I pantomime
can’t deny I see things at a different angle; slanted eyes
it’s Hammer Time, like you can’t touch this
this some shit you can’t fuck with, we be too damn Wu Tang’d up, bitch
got two damn blunts lit, kush and haze
so shut the door baby; Sugar Ray
I’m Sugar Shane, you just a boy
you the faggot of your Entourage, fucking Lloyd
I’m puffing joints like a boss, you just employed
I’m just annoyed like what’s the point, I’ll never make it out alive


Oh what, you didn’t know? Yeah, I could spit, sucker
it’s in my blood, DC and Johnny are my big brothers
and I’m their little sister, wouldn’t mislead you, boo
they call me Amy or Ailee, but it’s Ms. Lee to you
you say you better than me, what you got to lie for?
you ain’t even part of the conversation; sidenote
I know these boys they want to touch me like an iPhone
but baby, you got to work to hit it like a high note



[Lyrics] Ailee – I Will Show You [Hangul + Romanization + English] + Music Video HD

Album: Invitation Song: I’ll Show You Artist: Ailee Released: October 16, 2012 [Hangul] 내가 사준 옷을 걸치고 내가 사준 향술 뿌리고 지금쯤 넌 그녈 만나 또 웃고 있겠지 그렇게 좋았던 거니 날 버리고 떠날 만큼 얼마나 더 어떻게 더 잘 해야 한 거니 너를 … Baca lebih lanjut